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Emanuela Bettini; M. Luisa Provezza (5G IPIA e 5T IPIA)



The students from 5G IPSIA and 5T IPSIA  IIS L. Gigli (Italy) took part in this project with other nations: Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain and Albania to raise awareness of the real and updated situation regarding our planet’s health and about the risks connected to climate changes. At the same time, they have had also the great opportunity to change their life style, to share their opinions with another class, 5T IPSIA, and their European classmates and to create better living conditions for all the human beings. We, 5G IPSIAand 5T IPSIA, did quizzes, posted photos and videos and wrote our comments on the Forum section, a privileged space and place for us to exchange opinions. We talked with students of other nations about pollution, climate changes, deforestation, greenhouse effect; most of the things which are ruining our precious planet.




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Giorgio Barbieri; Aurelia D’Angelo; Giulia Fenotti; Loredana Giordano; M. Luisa Provezza (2L Linguistico e 3G LSA)



Etwinning projects promote collaborative Learning: students learn from each other, interact, communicate, and feel responsible for their own learning. Students are paired up with another school from another country in Europe and they collaboratively develop a project. Our class 2L was also a part of this project. Some of the groups were presenting “Dante Alighieri” and his poems, whereas other groups were representing “Francesco Petrarch” and his poems. Our eTwinning project was really good. It was great to interact and communicate with students from other countries. Our class presented our project, and the other students presented theirs. Our class really enjoyed working in groups and presenting their projects to other students from all over Europe.

Emanuela Bettini; M. Luisa Provezza;   Cindy  Sciortino (4M; 2E LSU; 2F LSA)

Education Trends


The Students form 2E and 4E Human Sciences and from 2F Applied Sciences took part in this project in which teachers who are familiar with Web 2.0 tools provided online training on distance education and gamification, enabling them to use information tools safely and efficiently. Students learnt how to use web 2.0 tools, they made progress in the English language. Students got to know their own culture and different cultures through fairy tales linked to their heritage culture (according to the 2030 Agenda) and they will also improved their soft skills (such as resilience, cooperation, negotiation).
Our students enjoyed the time spent on the project.

4E Education Trends


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